MatchBoard Capacity Canada Animated Explainer Video

We created the MatchBoard Capacity Canada animated explainer video to help attract participants into the MatchBoard program.

We were tasked to create an engaging animated explainer video in a very short amount of time. The entire process from start to finish was in just a few days, something that isn’t done very often in the world of animation!

To achieve this goal, our creative team decided to use a style that was made up of simple illustrations. It was decided that the animated characters would be the centre of attention and would carry the load of the video. In order to do this, we had to have a strong script and voice over talent that was animated enough to match the tone of the video.

The MatchBoard Capacity Canada animated explainer video was well received and has been successful in recruiting new participants into the program.


Capacity Canada

Kitchener Waterloo Ontario

Animation Style:

Animated explainer video

Length of Animation:

60 seconds


Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), and website

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