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What is an Explainer video?

As the name suggests, explainer videos are used to educate viewers about the products or services a company offers. Highly visual, explainer videos utilize metaphors and animation to deliver abstract concepts while keeping the viewer engaged.

The goal of explainer videos is to educate the viewer and have that information stick with them, resulting in higher conversion rates. When using an explainer video on a landing page or website, viewers tend to stay on your site longer, learning more about your brand and offerings.

Explainer videos are used by organizations around the world to help sell their products or services through a unique and interesting medium.

Should your organization use an explainer video?

If you offer a product or service there is a good chance that an explainer is right for your organization. Explainer videos break down complex ideas and turn them into easy to watch animations that any viewer can enjoy.

What makes explainer videos so effective?

Sometimes it is hard to express what your company does or sells. Abstract concepts can be difficult to articulate which leads to missed conversions and sales.

Explainer videos take complex ideas and turns them into easy to follow animations. Visual and auditory senses are stimulated leading to the viewer watching longer and retaining more information.

Explainer videos are adaptable. If you need video content in more than one language, explainer videos may be a good fit for you. Explainer videos can be created in one language and quickly adapted for another. So you don’t have to worry about expensive reshoots or having to dub or subtitle a live action video.

How much does an explainer video cost?

A few factors affect the cost of explainer videos. Length of script, number of scenes, detail of illustrations and animation, voice over, and music/sound effect licensing fees all play a part in determining the cost of the project.

The scope and scale of each animation is unique so we custom quote based on the level of work required.

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Connect with your audience!

Explainer videos connect your messaging to your audience in an efficient way. Turn viewers into customers by explaining what you do and how you do it in a short and concise animation.


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