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What is a whiteboard video?

Whiteboard videos are an excellent example of an explainer video. The concept is quite simple yet very effective. Our whiteboard videos are comprised of a person drawing an image live on camera with marker on a white background. Colour is added to make the images stand out and some editing is done to animate certain parts of the images once they are on screen.

Whiteboard videos are used for simple or complex concepts. The nature of whiteboard videos allow for abstract thought to be presented in an easy to understand manner. Viewer engagement tends to be high with whiteboard videos as the audience watches imagery being built on screen while listening to the narrator delivering the script. This combination stimulates the brain and keeps eyes glued to the screen.

Whiteboards are a captivating and useful tool to engage with your audience. They are a great piece to any marketing strategy and are used by businesses and organizations throughout the world.

Whiteboards are also easy to translate into other languages. There is no need to re-shoot a video if you want your script to be translated into another language.

What are the best uses of a whiteboard video?

Whiteboard videos are best used when you are trying to deliver an idea that you really want the audience to comprehend and remember.

Any industry can use a whiteboard video to their advantage.

How much does a whiteboard video cost?

Whiteboard videos range in scope and a number of factors can affect the cost of production. Items such as script writing, number of images per video, voice over, etc. all affect the price of the whiteboard video.

As all of our whiteboard videos are custom built we provide unique quotes for every project. If you are wondering how much it would cost to bring your whiteboard project to life drop us a line by click here or filling the form out on the bottom of this page.

What makes our whiteboard videos different?

Our process is what makes our whiteboards different!

We do not use whiteboard software to create our videos. Our videos are created in-house by a team of artists and editors. All artwork is original and is drawn live on camera. The end result is a professional looking video that stands out amongst the generic whiteboard videos created on whiteboard software.

We build our whiteboard videos from the ground up. Starting with a rock solid script, we create a storyboard to illustrate what the imagery will be like in the video. After the client signs off on the storyboard, we move into production. Production is where our artists sit down in front of the camera and draw, draw, and then draw some more! When the live drawing is complete we colour and edit the footage, add the voice over and any music or sound effects.

We have done quite a few whiteboards over the years and have refined our process down to a science. Our process is efficient and we are able to turn whiteboard videos over in a short period of time.

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