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What is a motion graphic video?

Motion graphic videos are a type of explainer video that has many uses. Based on infographics and illustrated icons, motion graphic videos deliver your message in a simple yet engaging way.

By mixing infographics and animation the result is a powerful medium to deliver your message. Abstract or complex messages can be put into a concise animation that is packed full of easy to digest information.

You can use motion graphic videos for statistics, annual reports, training, sales, and much more. They are easily adaptable and can be used on many channels including social media, websites, lobbies and waiting rooms, etc.

Any audience can appreciate a motion graphic video as they are entertaining and get to the point in short amount of time.

Is a motion graphic video right for my company?

Chances are, motion graphic videos are a great fit for your company. By using animated infographics and icons, motion graphic videos are full of metaphors that stick with the viewer. This keeps the audience engaged throughout the video even if the subject matter is complex or data heavy.

Motion graphic videos are used around the world by thousands of organizations to connect with their audience. Any organization can use a motion graphic video to enhance communication with their staff, customers, or stakeholders. Motion graphic videos are used for; data presentations; annual reports; policy; training; sales; etc.

How much does a motion graphic video cost?

Motion graphic videos are a cost effective type of animated explainer video. Infographics tend to be quicker to create so the cost of asset creation is usually lower than other types of animated videos. The cost of animation depends on the complexity of the storyboard/script.

Hallman Animation Studios creates motion graphic videos that are custom built from the ground up. For a no obligation quote for you project contact our production team by clicking here or filling out the form below.

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