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Hallman Animation Studios is a full service animation production company.

We specialize in a wide range of animation styles including 2D, CGI, Character, Stop Frame, and Motion Graphics.

Our skilled production team is made up of creative directors, storyboard artists, modelers, character animators (2D and 3D), motion graphic artists, compositors, cinematographers, and editors.

We produce animated content for corporate videos, TV commercials, children’s programming, web videos, and much more.

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“Hallman Animation Studios was a great pleasure to work with. They created an  animation that we are truly proud to call our own!” -M.P.

Brent Hallman
Executive Producer

At a young age, Brent had a dream of owning a production company. Years later that dream was realized when he founded Tivoli Films Inc. Tivoli Films is a full service video production company that serves clients in Kitchener Waterloo and the Greater Toronto Area.

Today, Brent is the managing partner of both Tivoli Films and Hallman Animation Studios. The former looking after all things live action and the latter responsible for all things animated.

As the Executive Producer at Hallman Animation Studios, Brent’s responsibilities include overseeing the operations of the studio and business development.

Brent has a passion for animation and enjoys working alongside a talented team animated professionals.

Lauren Hallman
Creative Director

Lauren is our Creative Director and is also a partner in Hallman Animation Studios.

She has a great range of experience directing creative for live-action, animation, and photography. Through a lifelong passion for art, design, and all things creative, Lauren has developed and refined a keen sense of styling.

Lauren oversees the creative direction for our team ensuring that artwork and animation style align with client messaging and goals.

In addition to her role as Creative Director, Lauren is also a producer at our live-action division at Tivoli Films Inc.

Outside of  the studio, you can find Lauren working on her food and lifestyle blog.

Jud Walton
Head of Animation

Jud began his career as a stop-frame animator in his native England. During that time, Jud was an animator on a variety of popular productions including Bob the Builder and Pingu. Jud has worked throughout Europe animating features and short films in a variety of languages.

With over 20 years of animation under his belt, Jud has an incredible depth of experience in a wide range of animation styles. In addition to his time spent as animator and lead animator, Jud has also directed a number of animated episodes for broadcast television.

Now calling Canada home, Jud is an avid outdoorsman and can be found in his canoe or climbing a cliff when he is not in the studio overseeing our animations.

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