Farm to Fork – Food Bank Animated Explainer Video

We created the Food Bank animated explainer video to help promote the services of Farm to Fork.

The goal of Farm to Fork is to radically change the way people think about food insecurity in the communities they live in. They believe that by working together, we can dramatically improve the quality and quantity of food available to those who need it most.

Simply put, Farm to Fork facilitates the communication between food banks and donors. Through the Farm to Fork program, food banks can notify donors in real time to let them know what types and quantities of food are needed. Efficiency is thus created where supply meets demand.

As the concept of Farm to Fork is a abstract to most people the organization was looking for a video to educate the general public in what they do. It was decided that an animated explainer video would be the best medium to deliver the message.

The food bank animated explainer video answers a number of questions the viewer may have. Why was it started? How does the process work? Who can participate? And so on.



Farm to Fork

Guelph Ontario

Animation Style:

Animated explainer video

Length of Animation:

85 seconds


Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), and website

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