Nü Mattress Animation

We were hired to produce a series of three animated commercials for Waterloo Mattress.

The series of animation focused on their product lineup called Nü Mattress. The Nü Mattress line is unique in that they are a mattress in a box product. This concept has been popularized by brands like Endy and Casper.

Our goal was to create three animations that highlighted three different scenarios that consumers sometimes find themselves in when buying a mattress. The three scenarios included; slow customer service; bulky/hard to move rigid beds in tight spaces; and, quality issues that are sometimes found with older style beds.

The mattress animation was designed to be humorous and light. This was done by using unique looking characters with a simple colour palette. Sound effects and music were also added to bring more life to the animations.

The distribution for this animation was focused around Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario.


Waterloo Mattress LTD. / Nü Mattress

Waterloo, Ontario

Animation Style:

2D Animation

Length of Animation:

17 seconds


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